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Obtaining a Service Dog isn’t without its costs, and coming up with ideas to fundraise can be difficult. While effective fundraising takes time, energy, and passion, with a little creative thinking and planning, anyone can fundraise for a Service Dog. To get your creative juices flowing, here’s a list of 100 Service Dog fundraising ideas.

Fundraise for a Service DogWhen you’re first beginning to fundraise for a Service Dog, seek out organizations or groups who may be willing or able to assist you plan, host or advertise for events. Churches, Boys/Girls Scout troops, local lodges or other service-based groups are excellent places to begin looking.

For any events, activities, special occasions or tournaments, be sure to either charge admission/participation fee or to ask for an entry  donation at the door.

Be sure to have fun along the way and don’t get discouraged! Progress is progress, no matter how slow, and every donation adds up over time. A dollar may be only a dollar, but if 100 people give a dollar, then a difference is being made. Every drop in the bucket counts.

Fundraise for a Service Dog: Food

Bake Sale

Restaurant Event (Restaurant donates portion of proceeds on specific date)

Spaghetti Dinner

Chili Cook-Off

Ice Cream Social

International Food Festival

Pancake Breakfast

Mystery Dinner

Cheese/Wine Night

Progressive Dinner Party

Pizza Party

Fundraise for a Service Dog: Activities

Silent Auction

Garage Sale

Car Wash


Rake Leaves

Worker Auction

Karaoke Night

Talent Contest

Bowling Event

Car Detailing

Dog Walking

Dog/Cat Sitting

Dog Wash

Music Festival

Battle of the Bands


Treasure Hunt

Parent’s Night Out

Speak at Churches/Schools

Fundraising Walk

Poetry Reading

Recycle Drive

Wheelchair/Crutch Racing

Movie Night (Sell cookies and milk)

Face Painting

Youth Lock-In

Skating Party

Zumba Night

Scapbook Social


Dunk Tank

Trivia Night

Fundraise for a Service Dog: Collections

Cans at Grocery Store

Cans at Gas Station

Cans at Movie Theater

Cans at LocalRestaurants

Weekly Collection at Church

Monthly Donations

Penny Challenge

Fundraise For a Service Dog: Tournaments

Card Tournament

Golf Tournament

Board Game Tournament

Basketball Tournament

Pool Tournament

Horseshoe Tournament

Football Tournament

Softball Tournament

Foursquare Tournament

Kickball Tournament

Dodgeball Tournament

Soccer Tournament

Human Chess Tournament

Fundraise For a Service Dog: Events

Carol Sing

Easter Egg Hunt

Bonfire Night Party (Sell s’mores, hot chocolate, cider)

Valentine’s Day Party

Holiday Bash


Superbowl Party

St. Patty’s Day Party

Fall Rake-a-Thon

Shovel Snow

Haunted House

Corn Maze

Fundraise For a Service Dog: Online











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Fundraise For a Service Dog: Sales

Sell Artwork

Sell T-Shirts

Sell Candles

Sell Chocolate

Sell Flowers

Sell Calendars

Sell Soap

Sell Coupons

Sell Donuts

Sell Cookbooks

Fundraise For a Service Dog