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Seeking Service Dog Models

Several of our goals at Anything Pawsable include bringing you breaking news, keeping you informed of important developments in the Service Dog community and creating state-of-the-art training tutorials for tricks, obedience, public access behaviors and tasks. Thanks to our hard-working Service Dog in Training (SDiT) and Service Dog models, we’re usually able to include helpful graphics and illustrations with our pieces.

Seeking Service Dog ModelsParticularly useful in our “How to” articles and “100 Things” checklists, our SDiT and Service Dog models (and their handlers) provide us with access to high-quality, visual representation of the points that matter the most. We’re always looking to add working and Service Dog teams to our Service Dog models list. Teams who are added to the Service Dog models list can be contacted at any time for specific types of pictures that meet a list of criteria necessary for each post. Attribution is always given to the handler and Service Dog model when the picture is published.

Once you’re added to the list of Service Dog models and you receive your first request from us for pictures (or, rarely, videos), please keep in mind we need well-lit, well-defined, clear pictures of Service Dogs and SDiTs in training situations, socialization situations and completing tasks. While demonstrating something for an assignment, your Service Dog should be wearing non-reflective gear and clearly identified as a Service Dog or SDiT. Taking a picture using a cell phone camera is just fine, but it needs to be crisp (not blurry at all), free of shadows, and the background needs to be clean and non-cluttered. Natural lighting tends to work best, but we’re flexible.

Stick to the criteria we ask for in your assignment email. We’ll tell you exactly what we need, so as long as you follow the directions in the email, you can rest assured your pictures will be perfect for what we need. Teams are contacted on an as-needed basis, so once you’re added to the list, there’s no reason to get in touch with us after that concerning your Service Dog model.

Any pictures or video you provide us with remains your intellectual or artistic property. You do, of course, give us the right to use it on Anything Pawsable, USSDR or for advertising purposes. As always, proper attribution will be credited to you and your Service Dog model.

If you’d like to be added to our Service Dog model list for us to contact when we need illustrations for a piece, please fill out the form below.