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Service Dog Health & Safety

Like human beings, animals also need proper diet and nutrients. All dogs need a balanced diet, but working dogs often

In America, the 4th of July is a day full of celebration. With cookouts, parades, sparklers, crowds, fireworks, noise, activity,

When temperatures soar, keeping your Service Dog cool, comfortable, and safe often proves challenging. Here are 6 ways to help

There has been a lot of talk about vaccinations lately. People are arguing whether or not they are necessary, questioning

If you have a working dog, such as a Service Dog, choosing the best pet insurance may help you avoid

Although no one likes to think about it, unfortunately we are going to have to say goodbye to our beloved Service

What is CBD? CBD is short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound from the cannabis plant. It's a naturally occurring substance

2019 ushered in frigid weather and extreme cold across the United States. In late January and early February, the Midwestern

Every reputable Service Dog organization and program worldwide recommends or requires alteration of working Service Dogs and Service Dogs in Training.

We can’t control disasters but we can control how we respond to them. Our animals, pets, working and Service dogs