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Service Dog Health & Safety

Halloween 2013 is tomorrow and with it comes fall festivals, parties and trick-or-treating. While Halloween events are fun and exciting

Puppies need exercise and activity. However, growing puppies, especially large breed puppies, should avoid heavy, jarring activities or exercise including

The leaves are starting to change, there's bit of a chill in the air, and many people are pulling out

While many appreciate the beauty of fall colors, from the leaves on trees to potted mums and carved pumpkins, there

Some variation of the "DO NOT DISTRACT" patch regularly appears on Service Dog vests, jackets, and harnesses. However, Service Dog

Like human beings, animals also need proper diet and nutrients. All dogs need a balanced diet, but working dogs often

In America, the 4th of July is a day full of celebration. With cookouts, parades, sparklers, crowds, fireworks, noise, activity,

When temperatures soar, keeping your Service Dog cool, comfortable, and safe often proves challenging. Here are 6 ways to help

There has been a lot of talk about vaccinations lately. People are arguing whether or not they are necessary, questioning

If you have a working dog, such as a Service Dog, choosing the best pet insurance may help you avoid