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Service Dogs

Basic obedience positions, consisting of sit, down, and stand, provide a foundation for much of the movement your Service Dog

Many common dog training mistakes get in the way of your dog learning. Most people have no idea these common

We've all seen a Service or Assistance Dog walking around a store or restaurant wearing a vest or jacket. Most

Everyone wants their puppy to housetrain quickly. For Service Dogs in Training, progression relies on housetraining. Until an SDiT has

Although many people know that you are not supposed to pet Service Dogs when they are working, few understand the

Naming a Service Dog can be highly personal. Many people choose names that carry meaning for them. Others choose names

Science proves living with a dog carries many physical and mental benefits. Blood pressure goes down, people deal with less

Dogs are capable of noticing the slightest of changes in human bodies through scent — and we're just beginning to

This beautiful Service Dog short film by Southeastern Guide Dogs chronicles the (mis)adventures of Pip, a guide puppy in training.

Service Dogs, also known as Assistance Dogs or Service Animals, help people with disabilities. These highly trained dogs offer their