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You recycle. You turn of lights you're not using. Maybe you even adjust your thermostat to help conserve energy. You may think you’re on top of things, being eco-conscious and making sure you’re taking steps to reduce your own carbon footprint. But our furry companions also can make quite an impact on the environment. Dogs and cats cause a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions from animal agriculture. That’s a pretty sizeable number.

It’s November — and what better time to remind ourselves to be thankful — for the comforts around us, our family, friends (both in the real world and online) and, of course, for the dogs we share our lives with. Whether they are trained to be a Service Dog, working dog, or are simply a loyal pet, animals are a unique and integral part of of our lives. Here are 24 reasons to be thankful for dogs — one for each day of November until Thanksgiving.