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Tips & Tricks

It’s that time of year again, back to school! As you are hurrying around getting all of your school supplies

High value dog training treats provide your dog with lots of motivation to focus and work. These are the gold

For dogs, a huge part of remaining physically and mentally sound involves exercise and lots of it. When the weather

With any relationship, bonding provides the foundation upon which everything else rests. A new Service Dog partnership isn't any different.

Whether you have a pet, a service dog in training or other type of working dog, safety-proofing your home not

Many dog training professionals refer to small pieces of dog food rolls as "puppy crack." When properly prepared, Nature's Balance

Obtaining a Service Dog isn't without its costs, and coming up with ideas to fundraise can be difficult. While effective

What happens to these faithful companions when they hang up their service vest and retire from their former positions?

No matter the temperature outside, frozen dog treats are always a hit! Use items you already have in your kitchen

Working with young or inexperienced Service Dogs in Training isn't always easy. It's even harder if you're learning alongside your