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Training & Socialization

At first glance, "sit" seems like a pretty easy position to teach a dog. In fact, sit is often the

Stationing, in a nutshell, involves sending an animal to a designated location where they'll stay until released. When properly used,

Sphynx downs allow Service Dogs to fold into a down instead of sliding into one. Folding backward means the dog

After house training puppies, crate use tends to fade as dogs mature. They stop destroying things. They can be trusted

Like humans, dogs go through different moods depending on the moment and the situation they witness. Sadness, joy, fear, or

If you're ready to invite a new canine family member into your life it's tempting to go out and buy

Almost everyone knows it takes a lot of training to become a Service Dog, but few people know how much

When it comes to training a Service Dog, absolutely nothing is more important than exhaustive socialization. Socialization and exposure to

Even though you may be aware that Service Dogs can help wheelchair users to be more independent, you may not

Everyone knows that Service Dogs are supposed to be calm, well trained dogs who work hard to help their human