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Ideas for High Value Dog Training Treats

High Value Dog Training Treats

High value dog training treats provide your dog with lots of motivation to focus and work. These are the gold standard of dog training treats, the ones your dog will do anything to earn. While every dog likes different things, try some of the suggestions on this list to add variety to your high value treat mix.

Tripe – freeze dried, roasted

Cheese – cubes, slivers, shreds, string

Hot dogs – quarter & use raw or bake / microwave to remove moisture

Natural Balance rolls – diced (instructions here)

Chicken – roasted, boiled, freeze dried

Steak – cubed without seasoning

Sardines – cubed

Sliced gizzards

Sliced hearts

Wet cat food – on a spoon & frozen for easy licking and reward presentation

Peanut butter — freeze on a spoon for easy reward presentation

Popcorn – cheese flavored


Liver – freeze dried or baked


Cheese Whiz

Baby food (meat based)

Sausage bites




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