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Holiday Photos You Need to Get of Your Service Dog

All dogs really are family, whether they’re pets, Service Dogs or other working dogs… So why not include them in your holiday photos? Here are 10 great holiday photo ideas to get you started!

1.  With Santa Claus

Because Service Dogs want to see the big guy in red too!

2. With a Big Ol’ Wreath

Just make sure that it gets put up on the door afterwards!

3. With Their Other Furry Friends

2 Dogs and a Cat under a Christmas Tree

They are one big happy family after all.

4. In the Snow 

Dog lying in the snow

That’s of course if you have snow!

5. On the Beach

Surfer wearing a Santa Hat, petting a dog on the beach


In the case you don’t have snow, your holiday photo might look more like this!

6. Just Relaxing 

Dog lying on bed with owner

Because after all of that ‘holidaying’ we all just want a nap!

7. Near the Christmas Tree

Dog amongst the Christmas tree lights

Your Service Dog is sure to twinkle amongst the lights.

8. Cozy Near The Fireplace

2 Golden Retrievers with Santa Hats on Near the Fireplace

Even amongst all that fur, they still like to get cozy!

9. Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle 

Dog with green tinsel around his neck

Unless it looks cute like this!

9. With Their New Toy

Service Dog with Reindeer Toy

That is of course if it is still in one piece by the time you take the photo!

10. Together

Girl with dog dressed festive

Photo Credit: Biskvittka via Pinterest

Because together is truly the best place to be! (Note: Please be careful if you use Christmas lights in your photo)

Wishing you and your Service Dog a wonderful holiday season! We hope you share the holiday photos of you and your Service Dog with us!


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