Expecting a new baby? Why not incorporate your furry child into your announcements? They are after all one of the family!

1.  A Doggie Proposal

Dog and mom to be
Photo Credit: Danielle Hettinger

This is exactly what your dog will be thinking!

2. An Official Toy Tester

Toy Tester Dog Baby Announcement
Photo Credit: Becoming His 31

After all every family needs an official toy tester!

3. A Beautiful Silhouette 

Silhouette Baby Announcement With Dog
Photo Credit: Live, Love and Lucy

A picture you will treasure always.

4. Catching Up on Some Reading

Dog Reading How to Be a Big Brother
Photo Credit: Baby Prepping

After all, it is good for them to be informed!

5. Growing by Two Feet

2 Paws and Baby Shoes
Photo Credit: Melanie Smith

Another take on this great idea is to get your dog to hold a sign in his mouth with the table number.

6. Big Brother or Big Sister

Dog Big Brother with Banner
Photo Credit: A Step in the Journey

How cute is this?!

7. With the Ultrasound

Dogs with Ultrasound
Photo Credit: Today

So simple, yet so beautiful!

8. Paw on Tummy

Paw on Tummy
Photo Credit: Love Mate Photography

Do you think the dog can feel the kicking too?

9. Something Humorous 

Baby Prepping with Dog
Photo Credit: Baby Prepping

After all it is good to get whatever practice you can get!

10. Pet Human

Dogs with Pet Human Sign
Photo Credit: Indulgy

Hopefully they will be as excited as when kids get a new pet!

We wish you the best with your new addition! Have you done any unique baby announcements with your dog? Share them with us!


  1. All these photos are great! Thanks for sharing then with us! My Service Dog Maverick and I enjoyed them! I showed them to him via the television! He just sat in the chair and watched!

    I want to personally thank Anything Pawsable for their commitment of bringing Service Dog awareness to the general public. Is there a link that Anything Pawsable could post with every article which explains and/or shows video that reflects common courtesy about petting and distracting service dog teams from their work? If possible, please include a note that that service dog teams are not trying to be rude when they ask a person not to pet or distract a Service Dog from working! Thank you in advance for your articles and awareness to the public! I share Anything Pawsable with as many people as Pawsable!

    Larry Stiff.
    Justin, TX