When considering partnering with a Service Dog, there are quite a few factors to consider. One commonly occurring question is allergies. Many believe that their allergies will prevent them from finding happiness and stability in their life through a Service Dog due to some evil hives, swollen glands and itchy eyes. There is good news though! There are many types of hypoallergenic breeds which they could consider.

Service Dog organizations experience it every day — applicants who want to be partnered with a Service Dog, but believe their allergies will prevent them from finding happiness and stability in their life. Individuals suffering from seizures, cardiac issues, multiple sclerosis and other disabilities are often looking for regularity in their life. They Labradoodlesknow a Service Dog can help but there’s a preconceived notion that chronic allergies make someone unsuitable for a Service Dog. What does an individual with a disability do when they suffer from allergies? In most cases, they give up on their quest for a Service Dog. The truth of the matter is, even as a chronic allergy sufferer, you can live the life you want with the aid of a Service Dog at your side. It all comes down to hypoallergenic dogs. While there is plenty of information on hypoallergenic dogs out there, there just isn’t enough knowledge in mainstream. Even as someone that WHO grew up around a veterinarian, I was unaware of the hypoallergenic properties that certain breeds possess. Let’s change that up and get the word out about hypoallergenic canines breeds! Be aware that just because a breed is listed here, does not mean it will be suitable with your particular allergies or your disability or suitable as a Service Dog. For more info about picking a Service Dog candidate, read this article.

Two of the most common hypoallergenic Service Dogs are the Poodle and Labradoodle. The Poodle shares many of the traits that other more typical Service Dog breeds possess, as well as other working breeds. They are generally strong, agile, intelligent and known to have a great temperament suitable for Service Dog work. The best part of a Poodle Service Dog? They’re the only true hypoallergenic breed!

  • Poodle facts:
  • Average Lifespan of 12-15 years
  • Weight between 45 and 70 pounds
  • Average height range between 15 and 22 inches
  • Non-shedding coat
  • 2nd most intelligent breed (as ranked by scientist and Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia and author Stanley Coren, PhD

The Poodle is one of the more common breeds for Service Dogs found today. Many Service Dog training facilities have a poodle in each class for those in need. You’ll also find various doodles (Poodle/working breed crosses) on the rare occasion. In the photo to the left is Dreyfus, a Poodle Service Dog. He is trained to alert others in case his handler is having an emergency. This includes being trained use a canine enabled 911 phone. He personally has saved the life of his partner on at least one occasions. Thankfully, because of his hypoallergenic traits, his partner is able to have a lifesaving Service Dog by her side. In the photo on the right, are three Labradoodles; another common hypoallergenic Service Dog. This breed often has calm, obedient temperaments — and they love people! A Labradoodle with the right social and emotional skills can be an effective and suitable Service Dog. Labradoodle facts:

  • Average Lifespan of 12-14 years
  • Weight between 50 and 65 pounds
  • Average height range between 21 and 24 inches
  • Low-shedding coat

Service Dogs Hypoallergenic Service Dog breeds are at no disadvantage from their shedding or more common Service Dog breed brothers and sisters. When it comes to Service Dogs, there is no perfect breed. There are advantages and disadvantages to different breeds and it’s important to consider the specific needs of the handler to find the perfect balance. Whether you suffer from allergies or someone you love does, it’s not too late to receive the gift of a Service Dog. Suffering from allergies doesn’t mean you’re sentenced to live in fear or be sanctioned to a life of limited mobility; because somewhere out there is a hypoallergenic Service Dog waiting for its partner.

Thank you to Canine Partners for Life for providing images. All Photo Credits belong to CPL.


  1. It should also state that the Poodle and Labradoodle are very high maintenance in terms of coat. Figure in a trip to the groomers at least 2 x a month.

  2. Grooming costs for poodle or poodle mixes can be prohibitive for many people. Italian Greyhounds have a myriad of medical issues and bones tend to be very fragile.

  3. Recent study shows that labrodore retrievers are the least likely to produce can1 of allergens… And poodles and Yorkie terriers to be the highest allergen carriers. Labs are called retrievers for a reason and highly attention needing if not kept active throughout the day. I am actually trying to find a way to get my autistic son an allergen detecting dog besides Angel Service Dogs. They never responded to my application and we are in desperate need with very little funds

    • Actually, Robbie, you are mistaken. I’ve been in friends’ and family members’ homes w Labs many a time coming our wheezing to the point of ER visits and needing IVs of Benadryl. I now own a poodle and she can sleep literally on my face with no issue. Now, this may be a case by case basis, but I’ve never read anything like this before and unless you mistakenly got it reversed or are somehow prejudiced against poodles, the best dogs in the world in my humble and biased opinion, I’d recheck your research.

  4. Many people are allergic to proteins in the saliva of dogs, are there any hypoallergenic dogs that don’t carry these proteins?

    • I would hope you could train a service dog not to lick you…I have this allergy also. If they are using their mouths to retrieve and carry things for you I imagine that could be an issue if it happens a lot and you cannot wash your hands immediately afterwards. Good question that most people don’t think about. If a dog licks my face I swell up as if I was stung by a bee, which I am also allergic to. My dog allergies are very, very severe…but so is my disability.

      • You could try to get a different service animal such as a pig. They are being used now as service animals for people who are allergic to dogs.

  5. My male poodle was born last week. You can train your dog to let you do a lot of the grooming. Bonding time. I have had male and female service dogs and I found the male to stick to task better than the female , I have two females in my house so a male is a good fit for me.?

  6. FYI: I have experienced allergic reactions to most of the breeds listed. Most, because I have not encountered all of the breeds. Allergic reactions include severe itching from underneath chin to hollow at base of neck, red eyes, itchy eyes, severe asthma attack.

    While these breeds may be less allergen prone to some, they are NOT hypoallergenic. No animal is.

  7. I have enviromental asthma, with Lyranix spasms and esophagus spasms caused by certain perfumes and some house hold cleaners , scented flowery candles which cause me to have sudo seizures which doctors said there not seizures but my symptoms reacts to that but no brain actions as seizures. Been learning to deal with it. Recently retired early due to the attacks. I wear a mask to help block ordors. I go to certain stores to avoid groups of people, learn to change my way of doing things. Worse is how it has effected my family. I enjoy working with special needs children plus I enjoy volunteering but can’t. I feel if I could afford a small dog that could alert me to few spells and mostly the panic attacks I have. I really try not to be on medicine. I’m not able to travel by myself afraid this is controlling my life. I’ve had some best doctors. Just can’t pinpoint it after 16 years I’m going to except it. I know a dog would be the best solution. my would relax me during and after a attack. I just can’t afford to pay a lot. Hoping I could find ways to work with a dog myself. Thank you for you time.